Does tech leave you

feeling not so

This is currently in Beta

We are asking all users to commit to a three month term, provide feedback as requested, and payments will be set up via autopay. By committing to this term, users will be locked in at the current rate for as long as they remain a client.

Never utter the words “I'm Not Tech Savvy” again.

Instead, say things like:

Let me check with my tech person


I'll have my team take care of it

tech savvy care plan frustration

Created with you in mind

The Tech Savvy Care Plan is for solopreneurs and small business owners who are “technically challenged” but determined not to let it stop them from getting ish done.

The details

Technical assistance

Website + systems assistance to help your keep your business running without a hitch

Fast response time

Responses and/or task completion within 24-48 hours of making request

Make multiple requests

Up to five queries can be made per month up to a total of three hours of work per month

Use cases

Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses

Stop trying to do it all alone &

Get stuff done like a




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