WordPress Care Plan

Starting at $37.00 / month and a $25.00 sign-up fee

Let us help you make website management something you don’t have to think about.  Subscribe today and ensure your WordPress site is well-maintained and always up to date.


  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Apple Pay

Managing a website can be a challenging task, but it doesn't have to be. Let us help you with:

Branded Updated Dashboard & Login Screen

Say goodbye to the generic and standard WordPress experience. Our subscription includes an exclusive branded dashboard and login screen tailored to your website's identity. It's not just a place to manage your site; it's a reflection of your unique brand, making it easy to do what you have to do on the backend of your site without any distractions.

Customized Login URL

A customized WordPress login URL is a security feature that adds an additional level of protection to your WordPress website. It involves changing the default login URL (typically “yoursite.com/wp-login.php” or “yoursite.com/wp-admin”) to a unique, custom URL to minimize the chance of brute force attacks and exposure to vulnerabilities.

Regular Updates

We'll handle all the technical details for you. Our team ensures that your WordPress core, plugins, and themes are regularly updated to keep your website running smoothly and securely. No more worrying about outdated software or compatibility issues.

30 Days' Worth of Site Backups

Mistakes happen, and accidents can disrupt your online business. With our care plan, we run daily backups of your website with access through the last 30 days, ensuring that your site can be quickly restored to a previous state if the need arises.

Domain Monitoring

We'll help you stay on top of your domain registration. Our domain monitoring service will notify you well in advance when your domain is up for renewal, ensuring that you never inadvertently lose control of your web address.

Overall Site Health Monitoring

We believe in proactive care. Our team continuously monitors your site's health, looking for any signs of potential issues or vulnerabilities. We alert you of them before they become major problems so your website remains robust and secure.

With the WordPress Care Plan, you'll receive a monthly report at the beginning of the month summarizing all updates and activity for the previous month.


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