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Business Tools


Client Management

Streamline operations by integrating multiple tools into one platform. It includes features for CRM, invoicing, project management, appointment scheduling, and more.


Client Collaboration

Visually collaborate with your team and clients. Effortlessly align your goals, receive valuable feedback, and communicate seamlessly by simply pointing, clicking, and leaving comments. 


Lead Generation

Create high-converting pages and capture leads without coding. Leadpages offers customizable templates and integrations with email marketing tools and other platforms.

Food Blogger PRo

Membership Community

Members get access to valuable resources and a supportive community, helping them thrive in the competitive world of food blogging.


Sell Online Courses

Schedule, curate and post content across multiple platforms. Organize your content, engage with your audience effectively and analyze your performance.


Client Management

Business management platform for creative businesses. With tools for client communication, project management, invoicing, and payment processing.


Transcription Tool

AI-powered note-taking that transcribes conversations, videos and more. Helping capture, organize, and search through spoken information efficiently, changing the way you record and retain important discussions.


Improve Content Quality

Organize and track your blog content. Gain insights that help improve content performance. Analytics and other data located in a single platform, making it easy for you to stay on top of your content strategy and success.

Meet Edgar

social media management tool

Automate posting schedules and recycle content for maximum reach and engagement across platforms. Effortlessly increase your online visibility and connect with your audience on a whole new level.


shopping cart platform

Designed to help businesses sell products or services online with ease. Streamlines the checkout process, offers flexible payment options, and provides various marketing features to boost sales and maximize conversions.


coaching management software

Simplify administrative tasks like client bookings, payments, and scheduling, so you can focus on growing your coaching practice.


customer support

Helps teams manage support efficiently by centralizing communication channels and providing tools for personalized support. A collaborative environment that enhances the overall customer experience.

Creator Tools


SEO Optimization

SEO tool for content creators, helping optimize articles to rank higher in search engine results. Offering insights and suggestions based on data-driven analysis, empowering users to create content that's more likely to perform well organically.

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Livestreaming tool

User-friendly platform for easy broadcasting on multiple social channels with custom branding, screen sharing, and audience interaction tools. Perfect for engaging audience through live video.


Stock photography

Membership platform with diverse and high-quality visual content, including styled stock photos, graphics, templates, and resources, perfect for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses.

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Password Management

Generate, store and organize complex passwords across various accounts and devices. Simplify online security by remembering passwords, saving time and offering peace of mind while browsing and managing multiple online accounts.

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Haute stock

Stock Photography

Premium stock photo library for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Providing on-brand photos and graphics to elevate visual content and captivate audiences across platforms.

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AI Copywriting

AI-powered copywriting that helps create compelling and effective ad copy, headlines, and content by analyzing data from millions of ads. Streamlines the process of crafting engaging content and optimizing it for better performance.


Stock Photography

Provides female entrepreneurs and businesses with stylish stock photos that are specifically designed to be on-brand. With its extensive library of images, it makes it easy to create eye-catching social media posts and marketing materials.


Keyword Research

Affordable tool for simplifying keyword research. Offering insights and data to boost website traffic and improve organic search engine rankings.


Lead Generation

Lead generation and website personalization platform that helps businesses create interactive opt-in forms and messages. Engage visitors, capture leads, and increase website conversions by delivering customized content.

The Contract Shop


Professionally crafted legal templates and contracts for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. It's a valuable resource for obtaining customizable, legally sound documents to protect and streamline various aspects of business operations.


Write Clearly

An AI-powered writing assistant that helps improve writing quality by checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors in real-time. It's ideal for anyone looking to enhance their writing skills, by providing suggestions to refine and polish your content while maintaining your unique voice.


Document Processes

Instead of copy-pasting screenshots or recording videos, Scribe turns any web, desktop, or mobile process into a step-by-step guide. Allowing you to easily create tutorials, operating procedures or any kind of documentation to run and operate your business efficiently and effectively.


These are hosting services that are reputable and reliable offering services for new and established websites. They are all known for having amazing service and support. Selection can be made based on the needs of your business.



WP Engine




Smash Balloon

Social Media

Simplify the process of embedding and displaying dynamic, customizable social media content from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter directly on your site, enhancing engagement and interaction with visitors.

All In One SEO


Streamline the optimization of your website for search engines. Simplify the process of improving site visibility by offering tools for optimizing content, meta tags, XML sitemaps, and more, ultimately helping to boost your site's search engine rankings.


File Management

Enhances content organization by allowing users to create custom folders and categorize their content more efficiently. It simplifies the management of files, images, and other media assets within WordPress.


Photo Optimization

Optimizes images by reducing file size without compromising quality. It helps improve website performance by speeding up page load times, enhancing user experience, and potentially boosting search engine rankings.

Solid Backups

WordPress Backups

Ensures the safety of your website by creating complete backups of your site's files and databases. Offering reliable and customizable backup solutions, enabling easy restoration and migration, providing peace of mind in case of website issues or data loss.


WordPress Backups

Robust backup solution for WordPress, allowing users to create complete backups of their website files and databases. Allows scheduling options, remote storage compatibility, and easy restoration, ensuring website safety and providing peace of mind in case of any unforeseen issues.

Pretty Links

Link Management

A useful tool for WordPress users that allows them to create shorter, branded and more manageable links. Users can keep track of clicks, manage affiliate links, and share memorable URLs on different platforms, which improves the user experience.

Restrict Content Pro


Membership and content restriction plugin, enabling website owners to create and manage subscription-based access to their content. Offering flexible membership levels, payment integration, and content restriction options, empowering businesses to monetize their content while controlling user access effectively.



A powerful plugin that simplifies the process of managing online orders for your restaurant. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily customize your website to match your brand and style, making it easier for your customers to place orders.

WP Code

Link Management

simplifies the process of adding custom dynamic content, such as affiliate disclosures or blog post endings, and features like analytics tracking through code snippets. Reducing the number of plugins on your site and minimizing the risk of losing code placements when modifying design elements.

Link Whisperer

Link Building

Simplify internal linking strategies by suggesting and implementing relevant links within your content. It streamlines the process of improving site structure and SEO by automating internal linking, helping enhance user experience and search engine visibility.

WP Rocket


Premium caching plugin that optimizes website performance by caching pages, reducing load times, and improving overall user experience. It's user-friendly and offers various features to speed up websites without requiring technical expertise, making it an excellent choice for boosting site speed and SEO.


Link Management

Powerful donation and fundraising plugin empowering organizations and nonprofits to create customizable donation forms and campaigns easily. Simplifying the process of collecting donations online while providing tools for tracking contributions and engaging with supporters effectively.

WP Forms


Lets users easily create various forms for their websites without coding. It has an intuitive interface, flexibility, and extensive features that make it a great option for customizable form solutions. Forms such as surveys, payment forms, and contact forms can be created with this plugin.

Events Calendar

Event Management

Simplifies the management and display of events on your website. It allows users to create, manage, and showcase events with various customization options, making it ideal for businesses, organizations, or individuals seeking to promote and organize events efficiently.

Solid Security

Secure Your Website

A robust WordPress plugin dedicated to enhancing website security. It offers a range of features like malware scanning, brute force attack protection, and various security measures to protect your site from potential threats, making it an essential tool for safeguarding your online presence.


Build Your Website

A versatile suite of plugins for WordPress that enhances website design and functionality. It offers tools for building custom layouts, creating engaging content, optimizing performance, and improving the overall user experience on your site.


Sell Courses Online

A feature-rich plugin designed to create and manage online courses. Offering robust course-building, interactive quizzes, drip-feed content, and various monetization options. An excellent choice for individuals or organizations aiming to deliver engaging online learning experiences.



Email Marketing

A visually appealing email marketing platform known for its stunning templates and user-friendly interface. It simplifies the process of creating beautiful and engaging emails, making it a favorite among creative entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to create impactful email campaigns effortlessly.

Google Workspace

Productivity & Collabortion

Gain access to Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, branded for your business. These tools are designed to facilitate smooth teamwork, enabling team members to create, share, and work together on documents in real-time. Enhanncing productivity and communication within teams and businesses.


Various Marketing

An all-in-one marketing platform offering email marketing, SMS campaigns, automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. With an intuitive interface and range of features, it's an excellent choice for businesses looking to engage customers across channels and streamline marketing efforts.


Email Marketing

A platform that simplifies campaign creation, automation, and analytics. It offers user-friendly features like drag-and-drop editors and advanced segmentation, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and customizable email marketing solutions.


Email Marketing

An intuitive email marketing platform that offers a range of tools for creating, managing, and automating email campaigns. It is affordable, user-friendly, and provides features such as drag-and-drop editors, automation workflows, landing pages, and analytics.

Interact quizzes

Lead Generation

Create engaging quizzes for lead generation and audience engagement. Offering customizable templates, analytics, and integration options, making it an effective tool for businesses looking to capture leads and connect with their audience in a fun and interactive way.



WordPress Themes

A renowned WordPress theme provider specializing in beautifully designed themes for websites and blogs. Known for their aesthetics, functionality, and ease of customization, catering to creative entrepreneurs and bloggers aiming for a polished and professional online presence.

Hello You Designs

WordPress Themes

A creative hub offering visually stunning WordPress themes designed with a feminine touch. Their themes focus on elegance, functionality, and easy customization, catering to bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking polished and captivating website designs.

Kadence Pro

WordPress Framework + Themes

A range of tools to enhance website design, functionality, and performance. With features like custom Gutenberg blocks, headers, footers, and dynamic content. It's ideal for users looking to create sophisticated, versatile. and highly functional websites easily.

WordPress Care Plan dashboard mockup

WordPress Care Plan