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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or business owner, SocialBee can help you streamline your social media strategy and say goodbye to the stress of managing multiple platforms. Upgrade your social media game with SocialBee today!

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  • Efficient Management of Multiple Social Media Platforms
  • Curating Content
  • Concierge Services
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customizable Workflows


  • Learning curve
  • Complicated interface
  • No Free Plan

Elevate your social media game with SocialBee, a comprehensive platform that simplifies social media management!

In this review, we explore the powerful features and interface of SocialBee and the concierge services that can help boost your online brand.

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History of Socialbee

Socialbee is an all-in-one social media platform that was founded in 2016. 

The platform is designed to help businesses and individuals manage their social media presence and improve their social content creation. The company was founded by Ovi Negrean and Adrian Domocos, who both saw the need for a more streamlined approach to social media management and content marketing.

Socialbee offers various services, including social media scheduling, AI-generated captions, analytics, content creation, and automation. 

The platform is designed to make social media management as easy as possible, allowing users to focus on their business and brand.

One of the main focuses of Socialbee is on social content creation. The platform offers a variety of tools and resources to help users create engaging and effective social media content. From content calendars to image editing tools, Socialbee is designed to make social media marketing as simple and effective as possible.

Over the years, Socialbee has continued to grow and evolve, expanding its services and offerings. The company has become a go-to platform for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. Whether you’re looking to manage your social media presence or improve your content marketing efforts, Socialbee is an excellent solution.

What People Use Socialbee For

Socialbee is a popular social media management platform businesses, and individuals use to streamline their marketing efforts. With its features and concierge services collection, Socialbee allows users to efficiently automate and manage social media posts, engagements, and content creation. 

One of the key features that users love about Socialbee is its social content creation capabilities. The platform allows users to easily curate and create engaging social media content for their audience across different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

With its built-in content calendar, Socialbee makes it easy for businesses to plan and organize their social media marketing strategy, ensuring they post at optimal times for maximum engagement. 

Furthermore, Socialbee is an excellent content marketing tool. It enables businesses to distribute content efficiently across social media platforms, providing a cost-effective way to promote their brand and products. Its in-depth analytics allows users to monitor their campaigns’ performance and optimize their strategy. 

Socialbee is a valuable asset for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their social media marketing efforts and take their online presence to the next level.

Features of Socialbee

Socialbee offers many features, making it an all-in-one social media solution for businesses, individuals, and marketing agencies. 

Here are some of its key features:

Social Media Scheduling 

Socialbee allows you to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. This saves you time and effort and ensures your content is consistently shared on your chosen platforms.

SocialBee Content Categories

Content Libraries

Socialbee lets you create content libraries for your social media posts. You can create and store evergreen content in your libraries, which can be used and reused for future posts.

URL Shortener

Socialbee includes a URL shortener, which helps you save character space on social media posts and track the number of clicks on each link.

SocialBee Analytics Insights


Socialbee provides detailed analytics that shows you the performance of your social media accounts. You can track engagement, followers, reach, and clicks on each post.


Socialbee offers several automation features that help you streamline your social media management. For example, you can automate RSS feeds, reposts, and message sequences.


SocialBee has a lot of different integrations for images, content management, and more.

Concierge Services

Socialbee offers a concierge service that provides customized social media management for businesses. The service includes content creation, post scheduling, engagement monitoring, and performance reporting.

Socialbee’s features are designed to make social media management more accessible and practical. Whether you’re an individual, business, or agency, Socialbee has features that can help you achieve your social media goals.

Check out all the features of SocialBee here

Pricing of Socialbee

Socialbee offers a range of pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes. The plans are based on the number of social media profiles, team members, and the type of services required. 

The pricing starts at $19/month for the Solo plan and goes up to $449/month for the Pro150 plan. 

There is also an option for concierge services giving you access to your own dedicated specialist.

Socialbee provides affordable pricing options with the flexibility to choose what best suits your business needs. One of the key benefits of Socialbee’s pricing plans is the ability to scale up or down as your business needs change. 

The Solo plan, priced at $19/month, is ideal for individuals or small businesses starting out with social media management. It includes access to all the core features of Socialbee, such as scheduling and analytics, for one user and three social media profiles.

The Small and Medium plans offer more profiles and users for growing businesses, starting at $39/month and $79/month, respectively.  These plans also unlock additional features like team collaboration and content recycling. 

The Pro150 plan, priced at $449/month, is designed for larger organizations with more extensive social media needs. It offers up to 5 users, 30 workspaces, 150 social media profiles, advanced features like A/B testing, and priority support.

One of the standout features of Socialbee’s pricing is the option to add on concierge services. 

This service allows you to offload your social media management to a team of experts who will handle everything from content creation to engagement on your behalf. The pricing for concierge services is customized based on your specific requirements, offering a truly tailored solution.

Overall, Socialbee’s pricing structure is transparent, flexible, and affordable. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, you can find a plan that suits your needs and budget. With the option to add on concierge services, you can further streamline your social media management and focus on other aspects of your business.

Check out SocialBee’s full and most up-to-date pricing.

Pros of Socialbee

Socialbee is a comprehensive social media management platform that offers a wide range of features to help users manage their social media presence efficiently and effectively. 

Here are some of the top pros of using Socialbee:

Streamlined Social Media Management

One of the most significant benefits of Socialbee is its ability to streamline social media management. Users can create and schedule content, manage multiple accounts, and track performance metrics from a single platform. This saves time and makes it easier to keep track of everything in one place.

SocialBee Posting Calendar

Content Curation

Socialbee’s content curation feature is an excellent tool for those who want to keep their social media profiles active and engaging. With this feature, users can easily find and share relevant content with their audience without spending hours researching and creating content.

Concierge Services

Socialbee’s concierge services allow users to have their social media profiles managed by a team of experts. This service can benefit those short on time or needing more experience managing social media profiles effectively.

Analytics and Reporting

Socialbee offers robust analytics and reporting tools that allow users to track their social media performance metrics and adjust their strategies accordingly. This data can be used to optimize future content and campaigns, ultimately leading to better results.

Customizable Workflows

Socialbee allows users to create custom workflows for their social media management. This can be particularly helpful for businesses with multiple departments or team members who need to collaborate on social media content creation and scheduling.

Socialbee is an all-in-one social media management platform offering various features and benefits. 

Its streamlined social media management, content curation, concierge services, analytics and reporting, and customizable workflows make it an excellent option for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their social media presence.

Cons of Socialbee

While Socialbee offers a wide range of features and benefits, it’s important to acknowledge some potential cons of the platform. 

Learning curve

One of the main drawbacks is the learning curve associated with using Socialbee. It may take some time for those new to social media management or less tech-savvy to become familiar with the platform’s interface and features. 


Some users have found that the platform’s user experience could be more intuitive and user-friendly. Navigating through the different features and settings may require some trial and error.

No Free Plan

Another downside is that Socialbee does not offer a free plan, which may deter those looking for a budget-friendly option or just starting with social media management. However, they offer a 14-day free trial, and if you use my link gives you 20% off your platform subscription and 10% off your concierge services.

Despite these potential cons, it’s important to note that Socialbee offers extensive support and resources to help users overcome these challenges and make the most of their social media management efforts.

Socialbee more leads less effort


If you’re looking for an all-in-one social media management platform, Socialbee is what you need. This platform offers a range of features to help you streamline your social media strategy, from scheduling and publishing posts to analyzing performance and engaging with followers. Plus, their concierge services can help you take your social media game to the next level with personalized support from an expert.

Of course, no platform is perfect, and Socialbee is no exception. Some users have reported issues with the user interface.  

If you’re willing to invest in a robust social media solution, Socialbee may be perfect.

We highly recommend Socialbee for businesses and individuals looking to step up their social media game. With its extensive features and expert concierge services, it’s a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and build a stronger online presence. Give it a try, or schedule a live demo today and see what Socialbee can do for you!

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