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Ready to take your website from now to wow? The Studio Refresh and Relaunch makes it easy and affordable. We’ll give you the tools and support to transform your site into a stunning reflection of your brand—without the stress.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to update your website but are scared of messing it up. What happens if something doesn't work?
  • Updating the site will take time. And who has hours to sit down straight and get it done?
  • The cost of hiring a pro to do it for you is just not in the budget right now, but you still have things to make happen.
You're not alone. We get it!
But imagine having a

Creative Co-Pilot

  • Staging Site Creation: We set up a full staging version of your website on our servers, using the powerful Kadence framework and the child theme you choose. This gives you a safe space to test and make changes without affecting your live site.
  • 30-Day Design Window: You get a whole month to explore, tweak, and perfect your site’s design. This gives you plenty of time to make sure everything is just the way you want it before it goes live.
  • Client-Controlled Updates: Easily communicate changes and adjustments directly to us using intuitive tools on your staging site. This saves time and makes the redesign process more effective.
  • Seamless Transition: Once you’re happy with the redesign, we’ll smoothly transition your updated site from the staging environment to live, ensuring no disruption to your site.

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Once it's all done, you let us know, and we will schedule to get you relaunched and refreshed after collecting your final payment.

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frequently asked questions

You have 30 days from the time your staging site is set up to design and customize your website. This period allows you to make sure everything is perfect before it goes live.

If your website isn’t ready to launch within the 30-day window, an additional charge of $10 per day will be applied for each day it exceeds the period. This charge must be paid in full before your site can go live.

A support portal is installed on the staging site where you can easily request help that is targeted specifically at whatever issues you may be having.

Once you approve the redesign, we will smoothly transition your updated site from the staging environment to live. This gurantees there is no disruption to your existing site during the process.

Yes, you will have full control over your website once it goes live, just like you did before. If you need further assistance, we have support options to fit your needs.

Simply fill ou to form to get started. You will receive an email with the terms and conditions and then an invoice to get started.

We got you! If you need additional features or customizations beyond the initial design, we can provide these services at our discounted hourly rate of $65/hour if we dont have a specific service offering for what it is that you need. You can get in touch beforehand to discuss your specific needs, or submit a request once the staging site is setup.