How to Add a User To Google Search Console

Adding new users to Google Search Console is an essential practice for website owners and digital marketers who want to manage their website’s presence in Google search results efficiently.

By granting access to additional team members or trusted partners, you can delegate tasks such as monitoring website performance, identifying and resolving indexing issues, and analyzing search traffic.

This collaborative approach ensures that your website benefits from a broader range of expertise, improves response times to technical challenges, and ultimately enhances your site’s visibility and effectiveness in search engines.

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console:
  2. Select the Property:
    • Once signed in, select the property (website) you want to add a user to from the property list.
  3. Open Settings:
    • In the left-hand menu, scroll down and click on “Settings.”
  4. Manage Property:
    • Under the “Property Settings” section, click on “Users and permissions.”
  5. Add User:
    • In the top-right corner, click on the “Add user” button.
  6. Enter User Details:
    • Enter the email address of the user you want to add.
    • Select the permission level for the new user. The options are:
      • Owner: Full control over the property. Can add or remove other users, configure settings, and access all data.
      • Full: Can view all data and take most actions but cannot add or remove users or configure certain settings.
      • Restricted: Can view most data but cannot take many actions, like submitting URLs for indexing.
  7. Submit:
    • Click “Add” to send an invitation to the user.

The user will receive an email notification and will need to accept the invitation to gain access to the property in Google Search Console.