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    Custom Email Signature


    Make a lasting impression and enhance your brand image with a Custom Email Signature. Choose the Logo Only, Image Only, or Image and Logo option that suits your branding goals, all without the hassle of recurring subscription fees.

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    Privacy Compliance

    From: $34.00 / month and a $25.00 sign-up fee

    As a business owner, it can be daunting to navigate the various laws, rules, and guidelines set by service providers. However, our support can provide peace of mind and alleviate this burden. Let us help you fulfill your responsibilities and stay compliant without added stress.

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    SEO Optimized Content Creation

    From: $800.00 / month

    Leverage the power of quality content and SEO to attract more organic traffic, engage your audience, and achieve better search engine rankings. We are dedicated to helping your business succeed in the digital landscape through strategic content creation that meets both user needs and search engine requirements.


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    SEO Optimized Existing Content

    From: $500.00 / month

    Unlock the true potential of your existing blog content with our SEO Optimizing Existing Content service. By leveraging the advanced features of Clariti and our expertise in content optimization.

  • Systems Audit


    What areas of your business take up most of your time and energy?

    I’ll audit your current systems and/or workflow and offer recommendations for system usage, updates, or implementation to fill in the gaps in automation and processes.

  • Systems Setup


    We all have systems that we use to run and operate our businesses on a day to day.

    But what do you do if you don’t have time to set them up or update them to function in a way that is conducive to your work?

    Hire us!

    We will set up your systems and/or make updates to your systems so that you can focus on and do the work you love.

  • WordPress Care Plan

    From: $35.00 / month and a $15.00 sign-up fee

    Let us help you make website management something you don’t have to think about.  Subscribe today and ensure your WordPress site is well-maintained and always up to date.

  • WordPress Plugin Audit


    If you’re facing challenges with your WordPress website due to slow loading times, compatibility issues, or security concerns with plugins, our Plugin Audit Service is the solution.

  • WordPress Website Design Audit


    Do you feel like your WordPress website is not giving what it is supposed to give, but you don’t know what to fix or how?

    We’ll audit the design and setup of your website and make recommendations for configurations, plugins, and style elements to help achieve your intended goal + resources for implementation.